John R. “Mac” McCarroll Joins BPJ

Litigator John R. “Mac” McCarroll has joined the firm as a Senior Attorney.

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Sarah E. Smith Joins BPJ

Sarah E. Smith has joined the firm as an Associate.

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Patrick J. Hillard Joins BPJ

Patrick J. Hillard has joined the firm as an Associate.

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Super Lawyers Highlights BPJ Attorney in Discovery Q&A

If she hadn't been a real estate and finance lawyer, LeeAnne Marshall Cox might have been a diplomat. Her career high point, at least so far? Helping build the new Midtown home of Ballet Memphis in 2017.

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Lakeland, TN Installs BPJ Attorney as First Municipal Judge

November 12, 2018
| Posted in: Government Relations & Municipal Law

When the growing city of Lakeland looked for its first municipal judge, the Board of Commissioners chose BPJ's Taylor Cates, who began hearing cases in October. Cates will hear mostly code enforcement cases, and Lakeland city attorney Chris Patterson said, "We think it's a good tool to encourage citizens to come into compliance as issues arise."

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BPJ Attorney Wins $2.5 Million Settlement Against DoD, Nashville VA

October 25, 2018
| Posted in: Personal Injury Litigation

Almost exactly four years ago, Aaron Merritt was honorably discharged from the Army after three tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was sick with ulcerative colitis, though, and counted on the doctors at the Nashville VA Hospital to take care of him. They didn't, and Merritt ultimately died on October 28, 2014.

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BPJ Attorney Presented in Nashville

Mike Cody had the opportunity to share his experience as an attorney representing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee.

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The First Amendment in the Workplace: Watch What You Say

September 19, 2018
| Posted in: Labor & Employment Law

In the latest issue of HRProfessionals Magazine, BPJ labor and employment attorney Karen W. Roche discusses an employee's right to free speech in or out of the workplace, based on the First Amendment, the National Labor Relations Act, and the type of employer.

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Having a Will in Place Will Earn Respect

September 12, 2018
| Posted in: Estate Planning & Probate

BPJ Estate Planning and Probate attorney Beth Weems Bradley recently wrote about Aretha Franklin's lack of a will and how readers can avoid the loss of control of their assets.

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One More Thing to Remember as Kids Head Off to College

September 4, 2018
| Posted in: Estate Planning & Probate

BPJ Associate Michael P. Jones suggests adding one more thing to your college drop-off list.

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