“Tipsy, Sloppy, Drunk or Wasted?”

That was the title of one of the most interesting presentations at the recent 4th Annual Title IX Sexual Misconduct Investigative Training Conference hosted by the University of Memphis, according to BPJ’s Melisa Moore, who attended along with BPJ’s Tannera Gibson.

The discussion, led by University Counsel Melanie Murry and attorney Dan Cohen focused on how the words students use to talk about alcohol and drug use “really don’t inform the investigator of whether or not the complainant was incapacitated,” said Moore. They also discussed consent, based on the UofM’s policy, and various cases that tested those definitions.

What did Moore take away from the conference? “I wish clients knew that they have a duty to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct regardless of whether a student files a complaint or asks the school to take action,” she said.

BPJ was a sponsor of the Title IX Conference. If you’d like to find out how Title IX affects your organization, please contact Tannera Gibson or Melisa Moore at (901) 524-5000.