It was a high school job popping popcorn in the old Mid-South Coliseum that ignited David Harris’s affinity for the University of Memphis.

When he was finished, he could watch whatever was going on, which meant seeing plenty of Tiger basketball victories. When it was time to go to law school, the University of Memphis was the obvious choice.

Harris, who has served as part of the firm’s management committee in addition to his legal practice, was honored recently by the University of Memphis Law School Alumni Chapter as a Pillar of Excellence. Honorees must have given significant service to the legal profession as well as to the community and be generally recognized to possess the highest legal skills and ethical standards.

In a video honoring Harris shown at the award ceremony, Memphis nonprofit leader David Montague calls him “omnicompetent,” someone who “cares deeply about all people, but especially about people who are most vulnerable.”

BPJ Member Les Jones said, “If BPJ established a Hall of Fame, David Harris goes in first year, first ballot.”

“This is a singular honor that I greatly appreciate,” said Harris. “It was, honestly, unexpected.”

Congratulations, David!