BPJ Senior Attorney advises on $15 Million Workforce Development Center

Zoning expert, Josh Whitehead, advises on Prosper Memphis Project

With the assistance of BPJ Senior Attorney, Josh Whitehead, a 104,000 square foot workforce development training facility will come to Memphis. The Prosper Memphis Accelerated Training Center (PMATC) planned for 3230 Jackson Avenue, will help 1,000 workers gain certification and training through accelerated accredited programs. With his extensive knowledge of municipal and zoning rights regulations, Whitehead helped spearhead the zoning approvals process for the center through his work as a Transactional Attorney for Burch, Porter & Johnson. Coupled with his background as former Assistant City Attorney for Germantown and the Zoning Administrator of Memphis and Shelby County Planning and Development for over a decade, Whitehead was able to counsel and advise on the needed steps to get the zoning for the project approved.

The PMATC project is just one way the Greater Memphis Chamber is deepening its support of workforce development programs.  By filling in training and education gaps amongst Memphians, the Chamber helps our workforce become better prepared for employers such as Blue Oval City, the $5.6 billion automobile manufacturing plant being built in Stanton, TN. The Chamber’s workforce development project is merely one facet of their Prosper Memphis 2030 initiative. With a goal of creating 50,000 new jobs in Memphis by 2030, the PMATC is an ambitious step in the right direction.

The $15 million PMATC construction project kicks-off in early 2024 with a planned opening in mid-2024. Located near a bus line for workforce convenience, the facility comes with other amenities appealing to those looking to gain new skills. A job center and a YMCA-operated daycare are planned for the facility in a bid to help soften socio-economic barriers like lack of affordable childcare for those wishing to access additional education and training. Memphis Architects, LRK, will also be building a 12,000 square foot Maker’s Space in the facility, opening up avenues to support Memphis creatives.

Burch, Porter & Johnson is passionate about partnering with projects that help build a better Memphis. Over our 120 years of service to Memphis, we continue to commit ourselves to initiatives that bring opportunity and social justice to the citizens of Memphis.

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To read more about the PMATC project, subscribers of The Commercial Appeal can visit: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2023/12/14/workforce-development-center-greater-memphis-chamber/71919122007/