Delayed Diagnosis Attorneys

Delayed Diagnosis Attorneys

Families complete thorough research and take great care when choosing the right nursing home and medical care for their elderly family members when they can no longer care for themselves.

Unfortunately, senior citizens continue to face the effects of delayed medical diagnosis. In the event of a delayed diagnosis in a hospital or nursing home facility, the patient can suffer from severe illness or death that are avoidable if the proper care methods were in place.

Delayed Diagnosis

A delayed diagnosis is defined as an instance where an elderly patient’s health condition, disease, or ailment is not diagnosed properly within a reasonable amount of time. This missed or delayed diagnosis can cause the elderly individual a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering as well as additional medical costs and improper treatment. Additionally, when there is a delay in a diagnosis, this can be very harmful to the patient’s overall health and could even lead to death.

Futhermore, in these delayed diagnosis cases, most patients are unaware they may have grounds for a lawsuit because their doctor eventually discovers the right diagnosis.

*Note that delayed diagnoses do not include instances when an elderly patient does not seek medical care.

Burch, Porter & Johnson Can Help You & Your Loved One

Burch, Porter & Johnson is your medical malpractice and nursing home delayed diagnosis attorney in Memphis and has a team of expert medical malpractice attorneys ready to help you resolve your case. We are compassionate, yet aggressive attorneys committed to holding medical and nursing home institutions accountable and winning a fair outcome. We serve the Mid South areas of Memphis, western Tennessee, eastern Arkansas, northern Mississippi.

If you fear that your loved one has experienced a delayed diagnosis in a nursing home or a hospital, contact us today for a free consultation.