Our Experience

Government Investigations

We represent clients through the investigation, resolution, and trial of government-led inquiries. Our experience includes numerous criminal and federal and state regulatory offenses such as allegations related to:

  • Antitrust and Conspiracy
  • Bank Fraud and Related Crimes
  • Election-Related Proceedings
  • Employment and labor-related claims (including EEOC and state human resources agencies)
  • Health Care-Related Violations (including, among others, Medicare/Medicare fraud, kickbacks, off-label allegations, etc.)
  • Corporate Theft and Bribery
  • Securities-Related Violations
  • Environmental Crimes
  • False Statements (under 18 U.S.C. § 1001 and otherwise)
  • Tax-Related Crimes
  • Federal Civil Investigations for Educational Institutions

Internal Investigations and Organizational Assessments

We guide clients through all aspects of internal investigation and governance needs, including:

  • Interfacing with Prosecutors and Investigators
  • Internal Investigation Strategy and Execution
  • Witness Interviews
  • Investigation Summaries and Reports
  • Post-Investigation Litigation
  • Post-investigation Remediation
  • Organizational Assessments and Best Practices
  • Education-related evaluations, including compliance with Title IX and Clery Act requirements

Clients and Industries

  • Corporate Boards of Directors (including Audit Committees)
  • General Counsel
  • Multi-national and Publicly-traded Entities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Small Businesses
  • Non-profits
  • Individuals
  • Internal Investigation Teams
  • Professional Athletes
  • Special Committees of Boards of Directors and Other Entities
  • Elected Officials and Governmental Actors
  • State Licensing Boards


Our wide range of talents give BPJ lawyers unique insights into how to develop the best possible strategy for your particular issue. Please contact us for a consultation.