BPJ News & Updates: November 2019

BPJ Lawyers Lead ALFA Presentations Across the Country As a member of ALFA International, Burch, Porter & Johnson has the ability to provide our clients with a global network of attorneys, as well as relevant resources and educational opportunities. BPJ attorneys Doug Halijan and Molly Glover haveRead more

Four Missteps to Avoid in Job Interviews

by Sarah E. Stuart When recruiting new talent to your company, there are a myriad of topics you should avoid in the process of determining whether a person is a good fit for the position. The safest and most effective way to interview is to focus closelyRead more

Workplace Violence: What can Employers Do?

By Jennifer Shorb Hagerman While there are steps that employers can take, workplace violence is a complex and difficult issue. According to OSHA, workplace violence encompasses not only deadly attacks by employees (or former employees) like the one in Southaven, but also threats, verbal abuse, intimidation andRead more