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Products Liability Lawyers

The firm has extensive experience and a distinguished reputation in defending manufacturers, distributors and insurance companies in products liability matters in both state and federal courts. Drawing on our members’ many years of experience in this area, the firm works closely with its clients in developing an early case strategy, with the goal of insuring that the matter is managed efficiently and cost-effectively, and that the clients’ interests are represented vigorously.

Experts in Products Liability Law

The firm’s members have broad expertise in handling a wide range of products liability matters, with particular experience in claims involving medical devices and equipment, elevator and escalator technology, automotive products, electrical appliances and components, and pharmaceutical products. The firm also manages and coordinates products liability litigation for clients on a regional basis.

Recently, members of the firm have successfully represented clients in connection with many different products, including:

  • heart valves
  • orthopedic and spinal devices
  • surgical nails and screws
  • pharmaceuticals
  • elevators and escalators
  • cosmetics and beauty products
  • hospital beds and ambulance equipment
  • pigments and polymers utilized in various consumer products
  • motorcycles and recreational vehicles
  • electrical appliances
  • electrical switches
  • underground piping and related materials
  • construction materials and roofing
  • computer monitors

What Is Product Liability Law?

Product liability pertains to the responsibility of any and all parties involved in the production of a product and damages that may have been caused by said product.  These claims typically include negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty issues.

We Know Liability Law

When you choose BPJ, you can act with confidence knowing that our experienced legal team has been guiding clients since 1904.  Our team has an extensive background in product liability legal matters and is ready to represent you or your business in such matters.

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